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 Anthony Stewart Head:  Benjamin Stone:  Chris Evans:  Chris Hemsworth:  Cillian Murphy:  David Boreanaz:  Denzel Washington:  Eric Bana:  Garrett Hedlund:  George Clooney:  Gerard Butler:  Heath Ledger:  Hugh Jackman:  Ian Somerhalder:  Jackson Rathbone:  James Marsden:  James Marsters:  Jared Leto:  Jason Dohring:  Jensen Ackles:  Johnny Depp:  Joshua Jackson:  Kerr Smith:  Liam Hemsworth:  Liam Neeson:  Mark Wahlberg:  Michael Emerson:  Oded Fehr:  Paul Walker:  Ryan Reynolds:  Sam Worthington:  Samuel L. Jackson:  Sean Bean:  Seth Green:  Steven R. McQueen:  Taylor Kitsch:  Vin Diesel:  Wesley Snipes:  Will Smith:  William Fichtner:

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