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 Angel: 5.15 A Whole In The World:  BtVS: 6.17:  Merlin: 2.02 The Once and Future Queen:  Nikita: 01.17 Darkness With You:  Once Upon A Time: 1.01:  Once Upon A Time: 1.02:  Once Upon A Time: 1.04:  Once Upon A Time: 1.07:  Once Upon A Time: 1.10:  Once Upon A Time: 1.12:  Once Upon A Time: 1.15 Red Handed:  The Secret Circle: 01.01 Pilot:  The Secret Circle: 1.13 Medallion:  The Secret Circle: 1.14 Valentine:  The Vampire Diaries: 03.01 The Birthday:  The Vampire Diaries: 1.01 Pilot:  The Vampire Diaries: 1.13 Children of the Damned:

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